How does it work?

What do we initially need from you?

  • A recent resume;
  • Your diploma proving that you have completed the training for nursing;
  • A copy of your proof of identity;
  • If you have references, we will gladly receive them.

Unfortunately you are not immediately allowed to work in the Netherlands and you have to be registered, the so-called BIG Registration. You can only achieve that registration if you speak Dutch. a Dutch language course precedes your  registration:

Language training and Internship

Phase 1: You will follow an intensive language course in the Netherlands for the first 8 weeks.

Phase 2: The next 16 weeks you will do an internship at your future workplace and you will still receive Dutch lessons at the same time.

Phase 3: You now speak enough Dutch and the BIG registration is requested, you can now work full time (36 hours) for your client.

Phase 4: you are now BIG registered, speak Dutch well and are fully employable.


In Phase 1 you will receive an expense allowance of 100 euros per week, in Phase 2 you will receive 400  euros per month, in Phase 3 you will receive a salary of at least 2,400 euros and in Phase 4 you will receive a salary in accordance with the Dutch Collective Labor Agreement (CAO) of at least  2,500 euros.  In Phase 1 and 2 we provide health insurance. In phase 3 and afterwards you have to pay for it yourself. A full working week in the Netherlands takes 36 hours.


The first 8 weeks we will take care of the accommodation for you. With a maximum of 6 fellow students we put you in a house with your own bedroom. You share the kitchen, bathroom and living room with your housemates. Your employer will take care of the accommodation for the next 16 weeks. You now also have access to your own bedroom, the other facilities are shared. As soon as the BIG registration is requested, you must take care of your accommodation by yourselves. This is in the Netherlands according to the law


To come to the Netherlands, we pay your airline ticket in close consultation. A transfer from the airport to the location(s) is also provided. You will be reimbursed for the ticket once you have completed the first 8-week phase. Once in the Netherlands, transport is arranged by

the client through customization, sometimes it is a bicycle, sometimes it is a car and sometimes public transport.

Work Locations

Our clients are located in the South of the Netherlands near Rotterdam.

In short, everything has been thought of to make studying and working in the Netherlands as comfortable as possible. We want you to feel comfortable in our country and at your new workplace and stay with us for a longer period of time. Whether course there is always a point of contact for questions and we try to find a solution for problems.

We hope that after reading this information you will still be enthusiastic and we can soon welcome you to the Netherlands!