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General Nurse Alerimus (South Holland)

At Alerimus it’s all about direction. For the own direction of our clients and our employees. At a time when care is linked to rules, procedures and guidelines, Alerimus makes the difference by focusing on the client, the caregiver and their specific question. What can we mean to maintain quality of life in a situation where assets are declining? To maintain self-esteem and autonomy?

From our locations , more than 400 employees and volunteers, work closely together to respond as well as possible to these questions. To give every client that solution that suits them.

Providing support, care, nursing and support to clients living internally and externally in continuous services.

What are you going to do?

  • You are in contact with designated clients, external healthcare providers, other disciplines and family / relationships.
  • You optimize the independence of clients and treat sick clients through conversations, physical assistance, care and technical nursing procedures.
  • You observe diseases, recognize and recognize them and you know how to recognize the response to medical treatment. You then turn off the medication and ensure that it is used correctly.
  • You build up a relationship of trust with assigned clients with (psycho) social problems and you maintain this. You guide them and maintain contact with relationships of these clients.
  • You provide terminal care independently from the care vision of the organization.
  • You provide independent support for physical and external care.
  • You exchange information with colleagues about clients for work coordination and you discuss work and client issues during work discussions.
  • You observe client behavior and report details. You also inform the team management and colleagues involved about the main points of the problem.
  • You accept availability services on request.


Powers and responsibilities

  • You can perform the above tasks independently and at your own discretion, within the agreements made.
  • You can function as the person with primary responsibility.
  • You are authorized to make proposals for work instructions for the care department.
  • You are responsible for the daily execution of the tasks.
  • You are jointly responsible for the management and you are responsible for administering medication and aids to clients.
  • You are jointly responsible for the management of confidential data arising from healthcare and services and for recorded personal data.
  • You are responsible for safety when carrying out work on the department in accordance with the provisions of the ARBO legislation. You are also jointly responsible for the safety of your own work environment.
  • You can be held responsible for the implementation of follow-up actions on complaints, error and accident reports in your own department.
  • You are jointly responsible for the environmentally conscious use of resources in the care department.

Knowledge and training requirements

  • Nursing at qualification level 4
  • Psychosocial and physical symptoms of aging and the related care and welfare needs
  • Organizational and care processes of the organization
  • Recent developments in the provision of care to clients
  • The organizational structure, social map and vision of care of the organization

The aforementioned knowledge areas must be kept up-to-date, by following further training and by keeping relevant professional literature, which the organization is responsible for.

Preferably you have:

  • Affinity with elderly care
  • Work experience in elderly care

You must have:

  • Insight into methodical working
  • Insight into the relationship / coherence between the own activities and activities of other caretakers and disciplines.

Social and communication skills

  • You have the social / people-oriented skills and the patience and the tact for a respectful relationship with clients and family members.
  • You are able to instruct employees correctly.
  • You are able to translate the care vision into your own activities.
  • You must (also) train new employees if necessary.
  • You must be attentive in the performance of his duties because:
  • The care and services are multidisciplinary and several employees contribute to this. You must keep an overview of this.
  • The consequences of errors in actions can have far-reaching consequences for direct client care.

Other job requirements

  • You must handle the confidential information of clients and employees with care.
  • You can be jointly responsible for assessing the performance of students and trainees in the care department.
  • Due to the nature of the work you are the face for the assigned clients and their relationships and are therefore representative and socially skilled.