College Zorg Opleidingen (CZO)

The College Zorg Opleidingen (CZO) supervises the quality of care training.

The CZO tests and accredites care training courses in order to maintain their quality and, where possible, improve it. The national recognition of care training gives patients, professionals and employers the confidence that professional care is guaranteed.

Only Employers can submit a request for a diploma comparison to the secretary of the relevant CZO Training Committee for candidates who do not have the CZO diploma because they have been trained and worked abroad. The Education Committee performs a diploma comparison. On the basis of the diploma comparison, the study program committee advises the employer whether the relevant candidate has been trained abroad at a comparable level to that of the Dutch graduate. The basic principles of the diploma comparison are the area of ​​expertise and the attainment targets of the relevant position that are in force at the time of submission.

For the evaluation of the foreign diploma, the CZO needs the following information from the candidate for whom a diploma comparison is requested:

  • Copy of diploma and list of marks from relevant prior education (s).
  • Copy of diploma and grade list of the study program that must be evaluated.
  • Copy of the curriculum of the relevant study program containing:

– The duration of the training for both the theoretical and the practical components.
– An overview of the courses that have been taught.
– An overview of the practical skills that are made compulsory during the course.
– The results achieved.

If available, copies of employer’s statements prepared by the institution (s) where the candidate has performed the position to be compared.

If applicable, a copy of the registration in the BIG register (if the application relates to further nursing training).

Only documents drawn up in Dutch, English or German will be processed. If the originals are written in a different language, a sworn translation must be submitted.

The assessment of the diploma comparison is the responsibility of the relevant program committee. This authority is mandated to the secretary of the study program committee. The secretary assesses the application. If necessary, the application will be discussed within the study program committee. The advice is communicated to the applicant in writing. This advice can be given in three ways:

  • Equivalent to the CZO diploma in accordance with the area of ​​expertise and attainment targets currently in force.
  • Not equivalent to the CZO diploma in accordance with the area of ​​expertise and attainment targets currently in force.
  • Cannot be assessed due to insufficient or incomplete information.

NB: An assessment of the CZO is only applicable for Anesthesia Staff and OR Assistants. The assessment is requested by the employer after receipt of all documents.