Anesthesia Nurse (enfermeiro/enfermeira especialista médico-cirurgico)

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Introduction function profile anesthesia nurse

As an anesthesia practitioner, you work closely with and under the supervision of the anaesthesiologist. You carry out tasks independently when anesthetizing a patient and accompany the patient before, during and after the operation.

The nurse anesthetist function in brief

As an anesthesia assistant, you work in an operation team in which everyone has their own tasks. Under the final responsibility of the anaesthesiologist, you carry out tasks independently during the anesthesia of a patient. This way you check all the equipment before the operation, put it ready in the operating room and help to bring the patient under anesthesia or local anesthesia.

The work of an anesthesia worker

Before, during and after the operation you guide the patient, explain the procedures and actions and reassure the patient. You constantly monitor the vital functions of the patient and if necessary take corrective action and inform the anaesthesiologist of this. Outside the operating room you can work at outpatient clinics where minor interventions take place, for pain relief after an operation or during chronic pain treatment. You are also part of trauma teams.

The requirements and competences

Because an operation can sometimes take a long time, and you have to stay focused all the time, endurance is very important. Operations can be risky, you have to deal with that. There is a great responsibility on the shoulders of the nurse anesthetist.